Visitors information page

Franciscanos, T.O.R

The doors of the Church are open all day for those who may want to stop by for prayer or just to enjoy the beautiful architecture and art of the temple. We welcome in a special way to out-of -town visitors. Our Church offers Mass times to meet the needs of everyone. We also provide special celebrations throughout the year. Please join us in our celebration of the Eucharist!

Saint Francis on the Brazos, enriched with beautiful paintings, it is one of the most exquisite and attractive churches of Texas. It is the Church of hundreds of Immigrant families in Central Texas, as well as the hub of their religious and social activities. As in its architecture it is a happy combination of the American advanced early 20th century methods of construction with the colorful characteristics of the Spanish Mission style, in its activities it strives also to combine the color, the faith, and the gracefulness of the Spanish element with the best values of the American life.


Guidelines for visiting the parish

Our church is open every day of the week from 8am. to 7:30 pm. Please note that there is a closing from 3pm-5pm for mass preparation. Please note  that Sundays, church opens at 7am and closes right after 12 pm mass or after baptism ceremony if celebrated.  Dress appropriately and conservatively for the place.

• To enter the building, please take off your hats if wearing one and leave them on the foyer.
• No narcotics, No substance abuse is allowed on premises.
• No loud noise, No playing, and joking in the place.
• Do not touch the paintings in this building or sacred items, except printed hand out information.
• Lighting of candles is allowed at saints altars only, donation suggested upon candle lighting
• For people who are interested in adoration, we offer an adoration time in Spanish on every Tuesday from 6 pm. to 7 pm.  For a group visit such as school, university project, or other organization, please make appointment with the church office before the arrival for the best time and service.

Do's and Don'ts

Upon entering any structures on the parish campus, chewing gum should not be allowed in buildings.
• Inside the temple you may notice that there is a small fence at the altar, this is the area where the priests and liturgy ministers preside during mass services. They are not for use by the public.
• There's no food or drink available on the church grounds nor allowed in the temple itself.
• The temple is a place of worship and should be treated as such. Children should be kept under control.
• There is no camping or overnight accommodation on the parish grounds.
• The parish perimeter is private property and trespassing laws will be enforced.


  • We do not allow professional photographers to host for profit private sessions at our parish doors or around the rectory without prior arrangements.
  • Amateur photographers and cell phone pictures or any other device non- profit are allowed.
  • Please call the parish office if you would like to have a photo session at our church at least two weeks or a month in advance.







We are located in Downtown Waco


From the North

Driving on I-35 South, take exit 335A towards 4th-5th streets/Downtown. Turn right onto S 4th Street, keep driving on S 4th street thru downtown, then turn right on Jefferson Avenue, our parish will be to your left.

From the South

Driving on I-35 North, take exit 335 a towards 4ht-5th streets/Downtown. Turn left onto S 4th Street, keep driving on S 4th street thru downtown, the turn right on Jefferson Avenue, Our parish will be located to your left.