Asociacion Santo Nombre



On the year 1929, on the feast of Christ the King, Fr. Pablo Puigserver, organized the Holy Name Association for men older than 15 years. 

This association had from the beginning the mission to fight the bad influence of the bad press.  They printed leaflets with catholic information that was distributed to all Mexicans.  For more than two years they were in constant discussion with the Schismatic who insulted and lied about the Pope and the Clergy.  Their effort were not in vein, in the year 1932 disappeared the danger of the Schism in Waco.  The Holy name Association helped to construct our church, repaired the park and placed the stands for the Jamaicas. 

The Holy Name Association is a group of faithful gentlemen parishioners who express their support and catholic faith to those who would like to help their parish and its pastors. Always having Jesus as the great example.

Over the years the lack of participation and commitment to this historic group is causing its decadency, thast is why now we are seeking for great people like to to help us envigorize the organization.


 We need new members
to join our organization!



For more information please contact:
Raymond Navarro
(254) 399-3902