Sacraments & Blessings information

We are here to serve you, please call our parish office for details.


Sabádos/Saturdays 5:30 – 6:45 p.m.


The 2nd (SPANISH) and 4th (ENGLISH) Sundays of the month after the 12:00 p.m. mass. To register, please come to the office with Birth Certificate of child, Marriage Certificate of Godparents and Baptism Sponsor Covenant Form. Baptismal instructions are required for parents and godparents.

Son los segundos y cuartos domingos del mes después de misa de 12:00 p.m. Para regístrase, por favor venir a la oficina con el Acta de Nacimiento de niño/a, Acta de Matrimonio de Padrinos y convenio de Padrino de Bautismo. Los papás y los padrinos necesitan tomar pláticas.

Click for Covenant forms / Haz Clic para la forma de convenio


Girls who want to have a quinceaña must have received First Communion and Confirmation and/or be attending C.C.E. classes at our parish or another parish in the area, C.C.E. students from our parish have priority. Call for an appointment at least ten (10) months in advance.

Jóvenes que desean celebrar su quinceañera deben de haber recibido la Primera Comunión y la Confirmación y/o estar recibiendo clases de Catequesis en nuestra parroquia u alguna otra en el área, las adolecentes de nuestro programa de Catecismo tienen prioridad. Deben tener una cita en la oficina parroquial por lo menos diez meses antes.


Call the office at least ten (10) months in advance for information on setting a wedding date. In order to reserve the church at least one of the parties must be active member of the Church.

Llamar a la oficina por lo menos diez meses antes para información y fijar la fecha de boda. Para reservar la iglesia, por lo menos uno de los contrayentes debe ser miembro activo de la parroquia.


Eucharist for Sick and Shut-ins
A Priest, Deacon or Eucharistic Minister will take the Eucharist upon request. Please call the church office to let us know of someone who needs to receive Communion at home or hospital.

La Eucaristía
Será llevada por un Sacerdote, Diácono o Ministro de la Eucaristía cuando se pida. Por favor llame a la oficina si conoce a alguna persona que necesite recibir la comunión en su casa o en el hospital.


315 Jefferson Avenue, Waco, TX 76701

OFFICE: (254) 752-8434
FAX: (254) 752-2415



Only the parents or sponsors may register a child for baptism in person, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from  9:00 am-12:00pm and 2:00 pm-5:30pm.

Baptisms are every
2nd (SPANISH) and 4th (ENGLISH)
Sunday of the month after 12 pm Mass.

To register please bring the following information:

*Child’s Birth Certificate

*Sponsor’s church marriage certificate

*Sign a covenant for Godparents.

Please select a couple of practicing Catholics who attend mass regularly and will be a good example to the child. If single, they must be 16 years or older and have received their Sacraments of Christian Initiation.

If the family requesting the baptism is from out of town, they must bring a letter of permission from their local parish. They also have the option to attend pre-baptism class there and bring the paperwork stating their attendance.


Baptism Preparation

The Baptism Preparation class for parents and godparents is held on the Friday prior to the baptism date in the Parish Youth Center at 6:00 pm.  Through the sacrament of Baptism, we are washed clean of sin, born again as sons and daughters of God, configured to Christ the Savior and incorporated into His body, the Church.  Because of this, Baptism is not only necessary for salvation but it stands as the gateway to the reception of the other sacraments. 
Only one godparent is required for Baptism.  This godparent must be a Catholic who has received First Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation and who lives a life of faith befitting the role of sponsor.  If two godparents are chosen one of each gender must be selected.  Please call the church office to register for this class no later than the Thursday prior to the class.

Only parents and Sponsors may attend class. (No small children allowed in the session)