Cursillos de Cristiandad

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The first Cursillo in the United States was held in Waco, Texas, in 1957. The key figures in the beginning were Father Gabriel Fernandez and two airmen from Spain, Bernardo Vadell and Agustin Palomino, who were trainin with the United States Air Force. Father Gabriel had arrived in Waco in 1955 from Spain where he had made his three days under two of the founders of the movement, Father Juan Capo and Eduardo Bonnin. The priest and the airmen were responsible for putting on the first two weekends in Waco. In 1959, the Cursillo spread throughout Texas and to Phoenix, Arizona. In August of that year the first national convention of spiritual directors was held, and Ultreya magazine began publication.


Vocal del cursillo de St. Francisco:

Juan Guerrero 254-744-1309

Proximas fechas de Cursillo


            Cursillo Español Octobre 5-8                 English Cursillo October 26-28

Mujeres -

           Cursillo Español agosto 10-13                 English Cursillo September 21-24