Contact Information

We welcome your call or email to any member of our church staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us in person at our parish office.

Fr. Eduardo Jazo, T.O.R - Parish Administrator

Mr. Jessie C. Garza - Permanent Deacon

Mrs. Rosie Escobedo - DRE-Waco Deanery Liaison

Orlando Salas- Office Manager

Iveth Barrera- Receptionist







Bienvenidos a nuestra comunidad de Fé


Perdona la ofensa de tu projimo, y asi, cuando pidas perdon se te perdonaran tus pecados.

Siracide 28:2


Diocese of Austin

315 Jefferson Ave.
Waco, TX 76701

 Phone Numbers:
Office: (254) 752-8434
Fax: (254) 752-2415
CCE: (254) 752-1159

Social Ministry: (254) 752-3254

Kindergarten: (254) 753-5565