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Our mission is to provide a place of worship for the community and the travelers,looking for meaning, re-establishing their faith or enriching their spirituality. Our goal is to establish a good formation of Catholics with a growing concern for the immigrant and the poor.

We provide a beautiful and peaceful place of worship, a
place to meditate from one's busy life, a place to connect and feel safe.


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The doors of the Church are open all day for those who may want to stop by for prayer or just to enjoy the beautiful architecture and art of the temple. We welcome in a special way to out-of -town visitors. Our Church offers Mass times to meet the needs of everyone. We also provide special celebrations throughout the year. Please join us in our celebration of the Eucharist!

Saint Francis on the Brazos, enriched with beautiful paintings, it is one of the most exquisite and attractive churches of Texas. It is the Church of hundreds of Immigrant families in Central Texas, as well as the hub of their religious and social activities. As in its architecture it is a happy combination of the American advanced early 20th century methods of construction with the colorful characteristics of the Spanish Mission style, in its activities it strives also to combine the color, the faith, and the gracefulness of the Spanish element with the best values of the American life.





The C.C.E. is looking for teens or adults that need community service hours for school to help out at the VBS. If you would like to voulunteer please contact, Mrs. Rosie Escobedo at (254) 752-1159.


EIM Worshops

Working with youth and vulnerable adults requires completing an Application for Ministry and attend an EIM workshop. The Workshop is required for all new applicants within 60 days application submission and must be retaken every three years. Sign up for an EIM workshop online through your EIM account. 

Please contact our parish site administrator if you need assistance. 

To Login or Register to the Diocese and create an account application click here.

If you are unsure of your current status for the EIM requirement please check with the Parish EIM Site Administrator at 254-752-1159 as soon as possible.


If you or anyone you know are a victim of sexual abuse and have concerns regarding your attendance at a workshop, please contact Emily Hurlimann at (512) 949-2447 to discuss an alternative workshop arrangment.

**Please contact our DRE. Rosie Escobedo if you need any assistance. **




Weekdays: Tuesday-Friday

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
& 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Address: 315 Jefferson Ave.,
Waco, TX 76701

OFFICE: (254) 752-8434
FAX: (254) 752-2415


 Bishop Vásquez'
prayer intention:

That we who claim the title Christian may manifest God’s holiness through actions motivated by love and service, we pray …



Es muy importante para la comunidad parroquial estar registrado como miembros de esta parroquia de San Francisco, se no hará mas fácil poder prestar ayuda de cualquier especie, si nosotros tenemos su informes de su estancia en esta que es la casa de Dios y de ustedes. Si aun no se ha registrado por favor pase por la oficina parroquial en horas hábiles para poder llenar la forma de familia, es por su bienestar moral y Cristiano.


We encourage the registered families who received parish collection envelopes to please use them, it helps us keep track of our church donations. Also we would like encourage more registered families to request envelopes; it is one of the best ways to give to the parish. Please call the parish office for more information. 

Click Here to Register Parishoners. Haga Click Aquí para Registrarse.


The 2nd (English) & 
4th (Spanish) Sundays of the month after 12:00 p.m. Mass.  To register, please come to the office with Birth Certificate of child and Marriage Certificate of Godparents. Baptismal Instructions are 3 hours long on the Friday a week before the ceremony and are requierd for parents and Godparents ONLY.

Faithful baptizing at another parish MUST contact the Office before attending  insctrutional class.

Please call the parish office for additional information.
(254) 752-8434

The Sacrament of Baptism

Franciscanos T.O.R-Viceprovincia de Santa Maria de Guadalupe. MX

Diocese of Austin

Our parish is now offering Online Giving. To sign up, please visit the link below. Your kind donations are always appreciated.